Questions to Consider

Questions for Transsexual People to Consider

These questions are just a few I ask my clients to consider before they embark on medical transition (hormone therapy, surgery) and social transition (name change, coming out, etc).   Your answers will inform your decision-making process, your timing of transition, or your deeper understanding of who you are and what gives you meaning in life.

1.  If I’m ‘read’ am I a failure?

2.  Am I expecting too much from hormone therapy to change my body’s shape? Face?

3. If hormone therapy opens a ‘Pandora’s box,’ what might emerge that I’ll struggle with most?

4.  How flexible am I at going with the flow, letting transition take as long as it needs to?

5.  What other meaningful work will I have if I lose my current profession/job? ENDA doesn’t guarantee smooth transition on the job.

6.  What changes should I make first, second and third, in order to avoid unforeseen problems?

7.  If I find that love doesn’t come my way, will I still be glad I transitioned?

8.  Do I know that this is who I am, and that I must transition in some way, in order to live?

9.  How will I face the people who’ve depended on the ‘me’ I tried to be?  How will I adequately renegotiate my commitments to them?  Can I do that without co-dependency?  Without narcissism?

10.  Can I be happy?  What must I also change if transition is going to ‘work’?