Being 20-Something (or a Late Bloomer)

Being in your mid to late twenties can be the most challenging time in life. You’ve either launched your work or are beginning your family, or you’re a late bloomer just now getting a sense of who you are meant to become. Or you’ve already made big bold mistakes in life and have spent the past few years cleaning up the mess. What lies ahead? This message is for you.

Once upon a time, a young woman was sleeping alone in her bed. In her dreams, Life appeared before her, in the form of a mature, lovely woman in flowing robes and a silver crown. In Life’s hands were two objects, and Life held out her hands before the younger woman, tenderly met her eyes and said: ‘I offer you Love and Freedom. Choose one’.

The young woman gasped, and thought for a long time. First her face brightened as she considered what this choice meant, and then a tear fell. Finally, she slowly took Freedom from Life’s hand. She held it close to her heart, then set it in her lap.

Life smiled. ‘You have made a wise choice. For had you chosen Love, I would have given you Love in abundance, but I could not also give you Freedom. But because you have chosen Freedom at this time, I will return one day and offer you Love as well.’

I saw her smiling in her dreaming.

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