My fee is $125/full 60 minute hour and I can reduce my fee if needed. I expect payment and co-payments at each visit, by cash, check or credit card.


I accept some health insurance plans, but it is your responsibility to provide my biller, Ms. Flo Murray of FloMurray@hushmail.com, with your insurance information (see below at Forms: New Clients and Insurance). Ms. Murray will check with your provider to be sure of your deductible, co-payment amount or co-insurance amount, any need for an authorization before we meet, and how many sessions are approved.

You must bring your insurance card if you have not given information to my biller. I can accept:
Great West
Medicare (part B)
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
United Health Care and United Behavioral Health
Value Options

Note: Insurance routinely pays for a 50 minute session, and requires me to tell them your “diagnosis.” You and I can arrange for longer sessions if you prefer, with the cost difference being “out of pocket”.

Insurance does not pay for extended case management I perform on your behalf, including letters, consultations with your other providers or the courts. You will be charged for my time for these and crisis phone calls over ten minutes, and for missed appointments and those cancelled too late for me to fill—usually I need 24 hours’ notice. Exceptions are made for illness, bad weather, and rare work obligations.

HIPAA–Health Information Portability and Accountability Act

FYI:This Act instructs all health care providers to do our utmost to protect your health information from improper disclosure.
Even prior to HIPAA, Psychotherapists have always practiced the principle of confidentiality, including safeguards such as keeping patient files locked away, keeping therapy notes apart from routine record keeping, using fake names when discussing your case with colleagues, and refusing to share information about you without your written consent (except in certain situations or emergencies). You may revoke your consent in writing. You may review your file with your therapist.