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the eternal debate

We all have gifts and burdens.  We look to harmonize aspects of our selves, and sometimes all we need of good counsel is help facing who we are and how we are meant to live: we are not ill, just having growing pains. For this, Spiritual Direction (also called spiritual companioning) benefits you if you are ready to look at the Big Picture and your ideas and feelings about what’s sacred in your Life.

But when life hurts,  we need another kind of work first, and that’s Psychotherapy or Counseling, the process of understanding and using skills I share with you for healing your past in order to live well in the present. If you are a religious or spiritual person, Pastoral Therapy, also called Spiritually-Integrative Therapy, honors your spiritual values and needs as resources for coping with mental health problems or major life changes. Persons who identify as transgender or having gender dysphoria choose me because I am one of the very few experienced gender specialists in the Denver area. I supervise therapists and graduate-level psychology students, and consult to physicians and psychiatrists on the mental health needs of transgender and non-binary older adolescents, adults and elders.

Additionally, I am able to help you know if you need medication. Some of us need our brainpower adjusted so our minds work at optimum ability to understand reality clearly and prevent depression or anxiety from running our lives.  I can help refer clients for medication evaluation so our work can go on unimpeded.

I am trained (Doctor of Ministry, 2014, Master of Social Work, 1988, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1990), experienced (since 1988 in mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals and private practice) and competent to offer all these ways of working on the self for a happier life. My clients have been: doctors, clergy, laborers, teachers, business people, stay-at-home mothers, college students, retired military and more.  Older teens, retirees and men and women of ages in-between have found me helpful. Perhaps you will too.