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I studied Catholic Theology as an undergrad, thinking this would answer all my questions (and explain my upbringing by a dad who joked about what he’d do if he were Pope!) At midlife, I write in search of understanding rather than answers.  I’d rather live in the Mystery than deconstruct it.  But I want a foundational, orienting touchstone to return to again and again lest I stray into the inflations of too much spirit or the despair of too much ego, defense mechanisms and brain science. Spiritual health and well-being form that touchstone.  TT addresses current social issues from that base.

Thor’s Thoughts builds on an archive of topics of faith in personal and public life addressed in the old Nature and Grace Journal I self-published in 1996-98. In those days, I printed one hundred copies of first four, then eight-page “journals” using a template on my PC.   Using the philosophy that it’s “better to ask forgiveness than permission,” I left them in the back of church I belonged to then.   People must have picked them up, for eventually I had paid subscribers and ran six quarterly issues over eighteen months.  One day an editor at Loyola Press emailed inviting me to consider writing a book. It turns out that Dr. John Kane, Professor of Religious Studies at Denver’s Regis (Jesuit) University, had forwarded some issues to his editor. I was truly dumbfounded. But I was a single mom with two to five jobs then, and I simply could not create more time. Perhaps I’ll get another chance.  I’ll bring back those essays soon.

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  1. Kim Taylor says:

    I like your thoughts on life, you calm me!! thank you! for being you

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