Spiritual Direction

… is not “direction”

It’s more like having a spiritual companion or guide for your journey.  She has been on similar terrain, and has a sense of the pitfalls, signposts and rest stops, and the fantastic sights,  along the way.  She walks with you but is hauling the pack full of gear, pulling it out as needed:  a tent for storms, matches to kindle fire when it’s cold and dark, clean water for when you’re in the desert, all the while confident of springs bubbling up ahead, just when most needed, though sometimes hard to see…hear…or feel or taste.

She keeps her ear to the ground of your being, listening to the callings of your deepest Spirit, distilled through your religious and mythic tradition and poured out in discerning draughts for your refreshment.  The two of you may not share the same faith tradition, or you might, but you know she is familiar with the unified paths of more than one religious tradition.  She does not impose, but describes and unpacks the symbols of faith;  she does not claim to have arrived at the destination, but has spent time at many points along the journey.

Once or twice a month you sit down together, starting with silence or a prayer for the purpose of stilling and opening oneself to awareness of the One, Who many call God.  She conducts you into that place of unstructured prayer of lament, petition, praise, or thanksgiving.  Mostly, you’ll simply learn to discern how God is present in your life, by deepening your openness to That which you cannot account for, but which surely knows your own sacred story.  This is the point of it all:  to come to know your God.  Or, as the Jewish sage Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote in his book Man’s Quest for God, “what we want…is to be known to Him.”

Whether or not we’ve ever needed or had psychotherapy, most of us would agree that even if our lives are  going well,  we can sense a yearning for more…Life.  Or we need help discerning our truest sense of self in order to make life-changing decisions.  At the core of our being, we  sense the Presence of a sort of underground stream that has sustained us throughout our days.  Once a month, we meet with our Spiritual Director to enter into a practice of finding and drinking from  this deeper well.

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