Spiritual Psychotherapy

My counseling work encompasses both the secular and the sacred (if desired by my  clients) and is in no way proselytizing. You may be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or jaded.  Spiritually-integrative or pastoral psychotherapy is for you if your spiritual values are part of how you approach problems in living or improving your mental well being.  I am well-grounded in a progressive, affirming pastoral theology, accessible to Christian and Jewish people of faith, and loss of faith.  My clinical specialities with Transgender people, and anyone suffering from  Mood Disorders, Anxiety, or Shame, are my personal means of engaging in what Christians call social justice, and Jews call tikkun olam, “repair of the world.”  This is my vocation: to assist those who sense that psyche and soul can move in sync, though always imperfectly (which is good enough for a loving God).

You might need help with depression or bipolar disorder, or crippling anxiety and trauma. Perhaps there’s grief because of death or divorce, or fear during an illness.  While attending to your mental health, I can attend to your spiritual well-being.  Find out if you are;

  • Depressed or in the midst of a Dark Night of the Soul?
  • Experiencing mania, spiritual inflation and narcissism, or just feeling exuberant?
  • Becoming holy, or a co-dependent “martyr”?

Hear sacred stories whose characters are more like yourself than you knew.  Practice prayer, with and without spoken words.  (Learn to trust that you needn’t know how prayer works.)  Take your anti-depressant medication in an attitude of hope, not humiliation.  Learn how remorse, giving up perfectionism, and making amends heal guilt and bring peace and reconciliation–with yourself, and often with those you’ve injured.  Speak confidently from your dignity as a human being created and cherished by a great Love.

Spiritual values are ends in themselves, and also serve us in life’s decision-making, coping, healing, and yearning to be fully alive.  As a spiritually-integrative, clinically trained, seasoned psychotherapist I aim to help you trust the Holy One Who is present in everything and everyone you encounter. Together we collaborate in seeking that One.