Spiritual Companionship FAQs

No one knows how prayer works, but it works…on the one who prays.

Everybody, even directors, struggle with prayer: making time for it, wondering at times if it is “working,” wondering at times if Anybody hears it.

The goal of your monthly meeting with a spiritual companion (spiritual director), is not to solve problems in living, but to live more closely in line with God/Ultimate Reality/your truest self/your soul. The work is to explore challenges in meaning, trusting, loving and living.

Holiness is not the same as being nice and sweet; sometimes it is salty and strong…but it always is mindful of what’s ultimately important. Holiness is wholeness. Only real people, like you, can be holy.

Directors undergo a two or three year training and formation program, follow a Code of Ethics, and belong to the organization Spiritual Directors International.  Directors are required to have their own director /companion and to seek supervision. For many of us this is a second career in our lives.  Many are also psychotherapists. We’ve “been around the block” themselves and know suffering as you have.

Most directors work with people of different faiths, or no religious affiliation at all.

Imagine three chairs in the room: you, your guiding companion, and the Source of Life. Together we make our lives sacred.  What is “sacred” to you?