My counseling services since 1988 offer my best with adults and older teens needing help with:

  • Depression and sadness
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety, worry and stress
  • Co-dependency
  • Self-esteem/shame
  • Transgender/Gender Dysphoria
  • Spiritual and pastoral problems (I am adept with people of Christian or Jewish faiths)

Our work engages you in self-reflection, contemplation, recovery and renewal. I create a safe place for you to examine how you do what you do and why it is not working, and what to do insteadContact me for guidance and support for any of the following:

Spiritually-Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling

For those who see their lives, and life’s  difficulties, in a sacred context, I offer strong clinical skills and  progressive, affirming pastoral counseling and therapy grounded in Judeo-Christian theology.  Since 1988 I’ve devoted my energies to people with depression, bipolar disorder, poor self-worth, codependency and shame and gender dysphoria.  Says Brian W Grant in his book A Theology for Pastoral Psychotherapy, ‘Pastoral psychotherapy is a sanctified act that takes place in a sanctified space.  Therapy occurs in ‘sacred space’ as defined/created/hallowed by God, the community, the therapist, and the client…’

Gender dysphoria (my other area of expertise and devotion) similarly affects both religious and secular people.  I work with any adult, offering clinical assessment and therapy from over 25 years in clinical practice settings. I  respect your relationship to God as private and unique, and I understand different approaches to God and personal holiness.

 I am also a trained Spiritual Director, and my talent is in integrating contemplation, prayer and theological/spiritual reflection into clinically sound therapy. I can assist you in exploring your prayer life, feelings and beliefs about God and the Sacred, and in trusting God’s help while doing your personal work.  I am well-versed in Catholic and Jewish traditions and also see people of mainstream Protestant traditions. (I do not wish to ignore or marginalize the Muslim experience of the Divine, but I do not feel equipped yet to see clients in the Muslim community.) Fundamentalist believers will find me helpful if they are encountering God in ways that no longer “fit” and are finding themselves urged into further “stages” or stations of faith.

Transgender Care

All people have inherent dignity but transgender people are either forced into closets or are frequent victims of hate and ignorance. Having a loved one who made a gender transition, and having served thousands of transgender clients since 1994, I understand the needs of transgender people and their families.  I offer individual, family, spiritual and transition guidance and consultation to therapists according to the latest (7th Version, 2011) Standards of Care of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), of which I am a member. My article advocating for trans-affirming spiritual care appears in Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction. It is titled Living in the Image of God: Spiritual Direction with Transgender People, in the December, 2013 issue.

For more information on transgender care, please visit my site and blog dedicated to my work with transgender people, www.transgenderspiritcounseling.com

All The Best!

Laura A. Thor, DMin, LCSW